Intel® Concurrent Collections pour C++

About the pain of parallel programming

If you’ve ever heard about parallel programming it probably sounded like a painful endeavor. Those who have experience with it know that it’s mostly true with “traditional” approaches which incorporate parallel constructs into main-stream programming languages like C++ or FORTRAN. In the light of decades of research in parallel computing this is an irritating situation - and more so now that multi-core systems have been mainstream for years. 

 But why does parallelism hurt? And does it really have to?

Introducing...Concurrent Collections for distributed memory systems (distCnC)

Intel has just released Intel® Concurrent Collections for C++ update 0.5. One of the interesting features in this update is an optional extension/plugin to the “normal” runtime system that allows the CnC graph to be executed on distributed memory systems. This article shows you how to enable your CnC program to run on a distributed memory system.

Система упорядочивания и планирования исполнения шагов в библиотеке параллельного программирования Intel® Concurrent Collections (проектный аспект)

Работа относится к области многопоточного программирования с использованием асинхронной модели взаимодействия потоков. Проект был нацелен на увеличение производительности библиотеки параллельного программирования Intel® Concurrent Collections.
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  • Visualize this! Concurrent Collections for C/C++

    Hello and welcome to another episode of Visualize this! where we talk about topics relating to Visual computing. I am Arti Gupta community manager for games development at Intel Software Network

    This week we had Kath Knobe (Research Scientist at Intel) and Ganesh Rao (Technical Consulting Engineer) talk about Concurrent Collections for C/C++. Kath and Ganesh went through the specifics of the product and how being domain independent this can be used by game developers doing parallel programming.

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