Meshcentral & Commander at IDF2015

A quick note to say that my team has excellent representation & location at IDF this year. If you are at IDF and want to know what we are doing with platform manageability, Intel® AMT or many other technologies our group is working on, please stop by. We are located on the 2th floor on top of the escalators. Not only are the technologies being shown, but often times the people that work on this technology day-to-day are also present making it a fun and interesting experience.

Загрузите новейшую версию комплекта инструментов Intel® для технологии Intel® AMT(DTK)

Комплект инструментов Intel® для разработчиков ПО для технологии Intel® AMT представляет собой набор средств, с помощью которых проектировщики, разработчики и тестировщики ПО могут воспользоваться преимуществами технологии Intel AMT в процессе разработки и тестирования приложений, поддерживающих эту технологию. Компоненты комплекта работают в среде Microsoft Windows* .NET* 2.0. Функциями технологии Intel AMT можно воспользоваться через простой интерфейс, ориентированный на разработчиков.

  • Développeurs
  • Microsoft Windows* (XP, Vista, 7)
  • Client d’entreprise
  • Serveur
  • .NET*
  • Kit SDK Intel® AMT
  • Technologie d’administration active Intel®
  • kvm
  • Remote Control
  • Commander
  • Ylian
  • Outils de développement
  • Technologie Intel® vPro™
  • Sécurité
  • OpenMDTK - Host Based Provisioning

    For the last week, I have been working on adding Intel AMT Host Based Provisioning (HBP) to the Open Manageability Developer Tool Kit (MDTK) and this afternoon, I posted version v0.077 with that feature added in. For people who don't know, Host Based Provisioning is a quick and easy way to setup Intel AMT 6.1 and higher.

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