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Performance Impact of Intel® Secure Key on OpenSSL

The goal of this paper is to demonstrate the performance gains obtained when using the Intel® Secure Key in applications that depend on OpenSSL* for cryptographically secure random numbers.
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  • What is Intel(r) Secure Key Technology?


    Intel Secure Key, was previously code-named Bull Mountain Technology. It is the Intel name for the Intel 64 and IA-32 Architectures instruction RDRAND and its underlying Digital Random Number Generator (DRNG) hardware implementation. Among other things, the DRNG using the RDRAND instruction is useful for generating high-quality keys for cryptographic protocols.

    An Intel hardware based digital random number technology could mitigate recent RSA security flaw

    Mathematicians from Europe and the United States are reporting a flaw in the RSA encryption method that apparently hinges on crypto keys being created with insufficient randomness.

    Find out about Intel's new RdRand Instruction.

    Previously refered to as "Bull Mountain", the RdRand instruction will present itself on the upcoming "Ivy Bridge" platform coming out early 2012.  The RdRand instruction paves the way to fast, reliable entropy generated on the processor resulting in highly robust random numbers!

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