TBB initialization, termination, and resource management details, juicy and gory.

Well, maybe more essential than juicy, and rather treacherous than gory. As I noted in my previous blog introducing a major task scheduler extension – support for task and task group priorities, TBB has been steadily evolving ever since its inception.

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The Intel Academic Community is sponsoring live and online events at Supercomputing 08 in Austin Texas, starting Nov. 17. Joins us at the show or on the Net for discussions on parallelism in the classroom and in the enterprise
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  • 1024cores: All about lock-free, concurrency, multicore and parallelism

    It finally happened! I've launched a new web-site devoted to lock-free, wait-free and just scalable synchronization algorithms, multicore, concurrency, parallel computations, scalability-oriented architecture, patterns and anti-patterns, threading technologies and libraries and related topics.

    Welcome to 1024cores!

    TBB 3.0 and processor affinity

    A week ago I started telling about a couple of new helpful features in the TBB 3.0 Update 4 task scheduler, and we talked about the support for processor groups – an extension of Win32 API available in 64-bit edition of Windows 7. The main purpose of processor groups is to extend Win32 capabilities to allow applications work with more than 64 logical CPUs.

    TBB 3.0, high end many-cores, and Windows processor groups

    Though I wrote my previous TBB task scheduler blog just a few days after TBB 3.0 Update 4 had been released, I ignored that remarkable event, and instead delved into more than two year old past. So today I’m going to redeem that slight, and talk about a couple of small but quite useful improvements in the TBB scheduler behavior made in the aforementioned update.

    TBB scheduler clandestine evolution

    Though Intel® Threading Building Blocks 3.0 Update 4 that introduces a concept of Community Preview feature has just been released, my today's blog will be about something that happened quite long time ago. One of the recent posts on the TBB forum attracted my attention to the issue of information rapidly becoming obsolete.

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