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Contra Costa College - Intel - Student Code for Good Virual Hackathon '13 Behind the Scenes

For being something new to all of us, doing this Virtual Hackathon last weekend varied between going very smoothly and throwing problems at us that no one expected.  Just as everyone put a lot into hacking up project code, a lot went into making the Virtual Hackathon possible.

Contra Costa College - Intel - Student Code for Good Virtual Hackathon '13 Ends

This was a great hackathon.  We learned things we might not have without the hackathon.  I know for sure I did.  I was never able to setup Apache with PHP in the past because of reasons, but the hackathon had me tackle the problem until it was solved [for the entire 1st day].

Contra Costa College - Intel - Student Code for Good Virtual Hackathon '13 Begins

Finals at Contra Costa College are over & we are immediately starting the hackathon.  We have planned which house each team will stay in, ground rules for each house, the food to order, & times to check-in with each other.  We have about 50 hours together in this event.

Hackathon Tech
Some of the tech we
need for our hackathon:
computer, internet, microphone, music

Contra Costa College - Intel - Student Code for Good Virtual Hackathon '13

Contra Costa College - Intel - Code for Good Virtual Hackathon 2013

We are approaching another wonderful hackathon in 3 weeks. This one is named the "Virtual Hackathon". It is virtual in the sense that we will not all be in 1 building, but in separate houses working on different things. We will communicate to the other houses through the interwebs when necessary. Some of us members [including me] will be offering our houses for 3 days, from May 24 to May 26.

Parallel Programming is easier than separating 2 corks

I've known Prof. Tom Murphy for a few years now. Whenever we were at a conference or other event together and had dinner, he invariably would ask the wait staff if they had two corks he could have. If the place served wine, it wasn't too difficult to find two corks that were the same size or close.

Parallel Educational Appliance: Once upon a Mattress

LittleFeConvergence of good ideas into a coalesced one is normative for this millennia. It has has happened with PDA, camera, phone, and portable game system becoming today's smartphone; which is now converging with touchscreen notepad and keyboard into a next ubiquitous device. This blog post highlights convergence of hardware, software and curricula into a lowcost parallel educational appliance, almost free, with a next generation coming out this summer, ready to be wheeled into an undergraduate CS classroom.

Got Hardware? Exploring barriers and breakers to teaching parallelism

SIGCSE 11 seemed like a good place to challenge some of the assumptions that we make all year round.  Assumptions, and dare I say, excuses, for why the integration of parallelism into undergraduate classrooms seems to be progressing so slowly.  When we develop and decide what programs to fund, Intel wants to know what sort of impact we're making to the ecosystem and we naturally are looking for the pain points.

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