Multithreading Perceptual Computing Applications in Unity3d

by Steff Kelsey, Sr Software Developer @ Infrared5


It’s the eleventh hour and your application is going live tomorrow. But it’s sluggish! It’s jittery! It’s jarring! You wanted an immersive experience and you have already worked for weeks! You need to optimize!

От последовательного кода к параллельному за пять шагов c Intel® Advisor XE

Если вы давно разрабатываете многопоточные приложения, наверняка вы сталкивались с распараллеливанием уже существующего последовательного кода. Или наоборот, вы новичок в параллельном программировании, а перед вами встали задачи оптимизации проекта и улучшения масштабируемости, которые тоже могут быть решены путём распараллеливания отдельных участков программы. 

Новый инструмент Intel® Advisor XE поможет вам распараллелить приложение, потратив на это минимум сил и времени.

Early Adoption Plan of Distributed Software Development Course (ASU)

In service-oriented distributed systems, server applications may be invoked by multiple clients. Such applications can utilize multicore architectures and threading techniques to improve service response time and to reduce resource contention. In Fall 2011, Intel’s Thread Building Blocks (TBB) technique is discussed in the class for server application design. TBB provides straightforward ways of introducing performance threading, by turning synchronous calls into asynchronous calls and converting large methods (threads) into smaller ones.

Multithreading the Rendering Pipeline for 3D Model Animation


This article proposes a simple and efficient multithreading solution to accelerate rendering for a number of animated 3D models. The solution enhances the performance of skeletal animation by using a thread pool, double buffering, and intermittent updates. This set of techniques performs CPU-based skeletal animation at performance levels that are competitive with GPU-based animation implementations, and it serves as a flexible alternative on multi-core systems.

  • Multithreading
  • 3d model
  • cpu
  • GPU
  • animator
  • digital content creation
  • physics
  • visual computing
  • Développement de jeu
  • Graphiques
  • Informatique parallèle
  • TBB initialization, termination, and resource management details, juicy and gory.

    Well, maybe more essential than juicy, and rather treacherous than gory. As I noted in my previous blog introducing a major task scheduler extension – support for task and task group priorities, TBB has been steadily evolving ever since its inception.

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