manycore testing lab


HyperThreading and Multi-core processors; Software support of making use of the power of multi-core processors; Performance indicators: Speedup and efficiency; Demo: Horse Power Game under Multi-Core; Multithreading Performance Experiment Using Intel Many-core Testing Lab (32-Core Computer); and Service Hosting Model on Multithreading.

Taiwanese Academics Programming the Intel Manycore Testing Lab

This is the second (and probably most relevant) part of a three part sequence on my recent trip to Taiwan. The trip was to do a training course introducing Taiwanese professors on how to use the Intel Manycore Testing Lab.  The first part dealt with my flight and first day on the island nation; the third part is about the misadventures of my return.

Courseware - Multiprocessing

  • Amdahl’s law
  • Short vector processing (multimedia operations)
  • Multicore and multithreaded processors
  • Flynn’s taxonomy: Multiprocessor structures and architectures
  • Programming multiprocessor systems
  • GPU and special-purpose graphics processors
  • Introduction to reconfigurable logic and special-purpose processors

Performance of Multithreading with Manycore Support (ASU)

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  • Architecture and Organization
  • multiprocessing
  • manycore
  • Experiment
  • manycore testing lab
  • hyper threading
  • horsepower
  • multiprocessor
  • Architecture
  • performance
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