High Performance PHP 7

On October 21, 2015, I was invited to give a technical talk at ZendCon, the largest gathering of the PHP community. A lot of excitement this year surrounds the release of PHP 7 which represents a massive performance improvement over previous versions. Here are a few notes from my talk. The promise was to offer a way for attendees of the talk to get even more performance out of PHP 7. We show you some practical things you can do right now to speed up your PHP performance on your site.

PGO: Let It Go (PHP)

We can hope that companies like Intel® will come along with a faster processor. (And this does tend to happen every year). Or we can improve our compilers to produce better machine code. Or we can analyze our own code and change it to run more optimally. For PHP, we do all three: We partner with the processor architects to improve the way they execute PHP; we look for changes we can make to the PHP code to run faster. But why not use the compiler to make the code faster? This is exactly the PHP change we recently made. Just let the compiler do it. But today, you need to do your part. The short answer is: use PGO when you compile PHP.
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