An API Journey for Velocity and Lower Cost

With digital business and market competition intensifying, many companies are shifting to APIs to expose business processes and data for easy and better integration, enabling business expansion, and driving lower cost and faster time to market (TTM) through reusable services and APIs. APIs are being deployed on an unprecedented scale in broad ecosystems for social, mobile, cloud, and analytical applications as well as for the Internet of Things (IOTs). This article shares what we has learned in adopting service oriented architecture (SOA) and APIs
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    • Software life-cycle and process models
    • Software process capability maturity models
    • Approaches to process improvement
    • Process assessment models
    • Software process measurements



    CSE445/598 Project on Multithreading and Multi-Core Processing (ASU)



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  • Arizona State University Repository of Services and Applications (ASU)

    This repository lists the deployed examples of Web services, Web applications and other Web resources used in the textbook (Y. Chen, W.T. Tsai, Service-Oriented Computing and Web Software Integration, Third Edition, Kendall/Hunt Publishing, 2011, ISBN 978-0-7575-9239-3). The tables include the name, description, the URL where the item is deployed, the type of the item, and the page number of the section where the item is discussed in the text.

    S’abonner à SOA