Another Gaming and Graphics Sample: Coming to a download near you!

I want to pre-announce another sample that will soon be available on ISN for download, certainly either during or right after GDC. And that brings up an interesting question, that of taxonomy of sample code. From the Intel Gaming and Graphics Samples team point of view, there are three categories for the sorts of code one could expect in a development kit:


Intel Gaming and Graphics Samples Blog-Post 1: Introduction

Hi, I am Phil Taylor.

As I join a new team and start a new gig at Intel, its time to introduce myself and start a new blog.

I am now working on the team producing gaming and graphics samples in the Visual Computing Software Division. While there have been gaming and graphics samples shipped in the past, we are trying to raise the level of the algorithms, code quality, and asset quality to provide developers with production ready code they can drop into their applications.

How did this come about, and who am I?

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