The Now of Device Usage: Opportunities for Developers in 2016 and Beyond

This article explores the results of a study titled "Current Usages: A Global Perspective" by Dr. Daria Loi. The study explored which devices are people’s favorites, which they use most often and for what, and what they wish devices could do better. The article discusses the study’s findings in detail and suggests numerous opportunities for developers to create software that can perfect users’ experience.
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  • Meshcentral - Improved Android Agent + Mesh Security Update

    The mesh team has been hard at work and this week it’s Rick Edgecombe’s turn to shine with his release of the latest Mesh Agent for Android on the Google Play store. The improvements touch many aspects of the Android agent and so, we will have to look at this in detail:

    Perceptual Computing: Practical Hands-Free Gaming

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    Perceptual Computing: Practical Hands-Free Gaming [PDF 772KB]

    1. Introduction

    The concept of a hands-free game is not new, and many unsuccessful attempts have been made to abandon peripheral controllers to rely solely on the human body as an input device. Most of these experiments came from the console world, and only in the last few years have we seen controllerless systems gain significant traction.

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