Power State

MeshCentral.com - New timeline view

We have been working full time on getting all the major bugs out of MeshCentral, our remote monitoring and control web site. With any big projects, there are lots of problem all over the place, but getting the basics working is the top priority right now. By the way, thank you to everyone submitting feedback, it's very appreciated.

Getting Computer Power State on iGoogle

In the last weeks we worked on a new feature to get power management information on iGoogle. This is all part of the peer-to-peer mesh management software we are building. For the last few months, users would install a peer-to-peer agent on their computers and start tracking their computers on meshcentral.homeip.net.

Intel® AMT and Perl - Get your scripts here!

Hi there! We just got a hold of some Intel® AMT Scripts written in Perl. Take a look and let us know if you find them useful!


Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) Perl Scripts package contains scripts designed for ISVs developing manageability applications and for system integrators or administrators who are looking for scripting capabilities. 

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