2D Animation for Android* Series:Comparing and Contrasting Different Ways of Doing the Same Animation Part IV

Part IV: SurfaceView and TextureView

In this final installment we will cover the more advanced SurfaceView and TextureView animation and then experiment at the end by combining techniques together that we have seen throughout the series to create more visually interesting animations. If you haven’t already read part three of this series and are unfamiliar with the Android* canvas, please read that now: Part 3

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  • Cutting Through Images in Canvas

    by Richard Davey

    Recently, Photon Storm has been commissioned to create a couple of games in which the player ‘looks through’ an image, revealing a hidden scene below. This feature works when the player moves the mouse or a finger on a touchscreen, guiding a visual aid that allows them to peer through one image into another.

    This is perhaps easier to understand from the screen shot below:

    移动Web应用程序开发HTML5篇 (三) Canvas API


    本系列博客将主要介绍如今大红大紫的移动Web应用程序开发最重要的三个工具:HTML5,JavaScript, CSS3。

    本篇是HTML5介绍的第三篇,主要介绍HTML5的Canvas API。


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