Intel® IPP cryptography package version numbers to Intel Studio products version numbers mapping


Cryptography for Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP) is a separate installation package that contains the binaries and header files needed to utilize the functions contained in the Intel IPP cryptography domain. It is an add-on to the Intel IPP library and cannot function by itself.  For successful installation, the Intel IPP library with a matching build number must be installed on your system before starting to install the cryptography package.

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  • Sample Application: Data Encryption

    This is a sample application that shows how to create a Windows 8 store style application that encrypts the data on your device.  It uses the new Windows 8 Runtime Crypto APIs and it is written in JavaScript.  This application asks users to select file (video, picture, etc.) and encrypt the selected file using AES encryption algorithm.  

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  • Want a faster calculated hash and a block cipher? “Stitch” them!


    We just released the very interesting paper showing the way to speed up a pair of independent functions or algorithms, like a block cipher and a hash often called sequentially on the same input buffer.

    One can greatly improve the utilization of the underlying microarchitecture’s execution resources by combining two algorithms and computing them together at the same time, we call it “stitching”.

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