Intel President Renee James: Interview with the Wall Street Journal

Intel President Renee James recently sat down for a video interview with the Wall Street Journal’s Rolfe Winkler. In this interview, Ms. James discussed a wide range of issues around Intel’s  computing strategy, anything from mobile to what’s coming up at IDF in September. You can watch the entire video below:

On mobile:

Interview: Nanhai Zou, Linux Graphics Engineer

Nanhai Zou is a Senior Software Engineer at the Intel Open Source Technology Center (OTC). He has been involved with Linux on Itanium architecture since 2004. His primary focus on the Linux kernel is system stability and performance. Nanhai Zou has contributed to Kexec/Kdump support for IA-64 Linux. Nanhai Zou is currently working on Intel Linux Graphics, focusing on 3D and Media accelerate technology.

Interview: Jesse Barnes, Linux and Open Source Graphics Developer

Great_Wall_of_China_smallJesse Barnes is a long time Linux and open source developer. He’s worked on projects ranging from porting and scaling the Linux kernel to high end, SGI Itanium based servers, to graphics stack development on Intel chipsets. Jesse currently works at Intel, doing Linux graphics stack development and maintaining the Linux PCI layer.

Dawn: What do you like about working in Intel's Open Source Technology Center (OTC)?

Interview: Kristen Accardi, Linux kernel developer

Kristen Accardi is a Linux kernel developer working at Intel's Open Source Technology Center (OTC). She has been a Linux developer since 2000. Recently she has been contributing to the Linux kernel in the serial ATA subsystem, as well as the PCI hotplug, and ACPI subsystem. She was formerly the PCI hotplug subsystem maintainer.

Dawn: How did you get involved in Linux kernel development and more specifically, hotplug technologies?

World of Netbooks: Interview with Jon Ramvi of the Ubuntu Eee Project

While I was trying different OS options on the Eee PC 901, I spent some time with Ubuntu Eee. It's not an official Ubuntu/Canonical project, but rather a community driven custom distribution with some Eee-specific features and tweaks. It's quite nice, and very functional.

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