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TechEd 2009 Europe

Hi All,

If you are going to the event next week in Berlin then let me know about it. Maybe we can meet face to face and if there are enough of us perhaps even a gourp community meeting. This can be a good opportunity to meet the experts.

In any case, you are all welcome to join my session titled "Parallel Programming for Embedded". I will be presenting on Friday 10:45 - 12:00.

The path to a better world is paved through Informatics: European Computer Science Conference 2009 Paris

It was a sunny day last Thursday in Paris after a very stormy night,  I was sitting in the sun filled conference room with 80 deans and Rectors of the top universities in Europe attending the European Computer Science Summit where the first Keynote speaker Dr.

When test suites fail us (when they meet parallelism).

Another week and another customer shared how messed up their test suites were because of parallel programming. So where are we going wrong?

First, it is natural to feel confused and disoriented when a failure "escapes" into the wild.  In other words, when a bug is not caught by our test suites it is natural to DEMAND an plan to correct this failure!

Second, it is common to fall back on a simple belief: an "escape" means we need MORE tests.

This is where parallelism trips us up.

Meet Gastón Hillar, our newest Intel Black Belt Software Developer!

Another exciting announcement :) Congratulations Gastón Hillar on becoming an Intel Black Belt Software Developer!

Gaston is an independent IT consultant, and a freelance author. He has extensive experience in parallel programming and multi-core. Gaston has been a phenomenal contributor to the Intel Software Network enthusiastically sharing his experience and expertise in blogs, forums, videos and even on Intel Software Network TV!

Visualize this! Chris Cormack GPA product designer on GPA 2.1

Hello and welcome to another episode of Visualize this! where we talk about topics relating to Visual Computing. I am Arti Gupta, community manager for Games Development on the Intel Software Network.

Our guest today is Chris Cormack. Chris will talk to us about the release 2.1 of the Intel Graphics Performance Analyzer toolset.

Download link to a high quality MP4 video file of the show (about 117MB)

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