teaching parallelism

June/July in the Intel Academic Community

Now that classes are done for many of us, we can start turning our attention to research and training projects. This last month saw some really great activities in the Middle East; I’ll be highlighting a few of those.  I’ll  also be be talking about the debut of Intel Software Network TV, a powerful new vehicle for building our community and continuing the conversation on defining a  curriculum with parallelism at its core.

Let change the way we deliver ISC content

The Intel Software College Course Architect Team is about to head into our planning phase for 2009.  One of the tasks we are considering is how to make our Intel posted content easier to access, easier to update, easier for faculty to incorporate lessons into their curriculum.  As you probably are aware – currently you can download our standalone modules from the Intel Academic Community webpage on ISN - /en-us/articles/multi-core-courseware-content-from-intel-1.

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