Adding Intel® Energy Checker SDK Instrumentation to Your Application-a POV-Ray* Instrumentation Tutorial

Learn how to add Intel® Energy Checker SDK instrumentation to your application and how to quantitatively measure energy. We used POV-Ray*, a popular open source ray-tracing application, to illustrate the benefits of using the Energy Checker SDK.
  • Windows*
  • Kit SDK Intel® Energy Checker
  • Povray
  • Energy Checker
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  • Some tips for POVRay (1)

    I took over POVRay project several months ago. With team members help and support, I finished the first around benchmark testing for POVRay 3.6 on Window, Linux and Mac platforms. Now I summaried some experiences here for furture used.

    Several links for POVRay
    Please visit http://icl.intel.com/wikis/cts/PovrayTesting for PovrayTesting information;
    Plesae visit http://www.povray.org/ for Povray project details.
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