Ultimate Coder Week #5: For Those About to Integrate We Salute You

We definitely lost one of our nine lives this week with integrating face tracking into our game, but we still have our cat’s eyes, and are still feel very confident that we will be able to show a stellar game at GDC. On the face tracking end of things we had some big wins. We are finally happy with the speed of the algorithms, and the way things are being tracked will work perfectly for putting into Kiwi Catapult Revenge. We completed some complex math to create very realistic perspective shiting in Unity.

Developer and Designer Collaboration: A University Experiment

In a recent post, we talked about what the perfect developer work culture might look like. Professors at Texas State University decided to put this into action, pulling together computer science and graphic design students together to work in a collaborative environment.

One Code Base to Rule Them All: Intel’s HTML5 Development Environment

If you’re a developer searching for a great tool to add to your repertoire, you’ll want to check out Intel's HTML5 Development Environment, an HTML5-based development platform that enables developers to create one code base and port it to multiple platforms. Intel recently purchased the developer tools and build system from appMobi:

What Makes a Good Developer Culture?

There’s a lot of talk these days about what makes a good “culture”, whether you’re an engineer, a software developer, or a chef. It’s all about finding a work environment that not only is conducive to getting stuff done, but also makes it a pleasure to get up in the morning and get there. In this article, we’re going to take a look at a few prominent developer voices that have discussed the idea of what makes a good developer culture. Is it the perks? Is it being extra “geeky”? Is it looking for collaboration where collaboration doesn’t normally happen?

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