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Optimizing Android* Game mTricks Looting Crown on the Intel® Atom™ Platform

When you start to optimize a game, first determine where the application bottleneck is. Intel GPA can help you do this with some powerful analytic tools.If your game is CPU bound, then Intel VTune Amplifier is a helpful tool. If your game is GPU bound, then you can find more detail using Intel GPA.To fix GPU bottlenecks, you can try to find an efficient way of reducing draw calls, polygon count, and render state changes. You can also check the right size of terrain texture, animation objects, light maps, and the right order of z-buffer culling.
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  • Getting Started with Intel® Integrated Native Developer Experience

    Intel® Integrated Native Developer Experience (Intel® INDE) is a powerful cross-platform framework for creating applications for Android* and Windows* devices. Intel INDE can be integrated into popular IDEs and provides a complete and consistent set of C++/Java* tools, libraries, and samples for environment setup, code creation, compilation, debugging, and analysis for apps on Intel® architecture-based devices,and select capabilities on ARM*-based Android devices.

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  • Self-test: Collecting basic performance data with GPA

    So you want to self-test your game, and collect some basic performance data. You're going to use Intel GPA to analyze your game on Windows, but you're not quite sure how to get started. Here are some simple steps to get you running quickly. (These directions are required for companies in Intel's self-test program, but a good idea for all developers.)

    Getting started

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