Intel OpenCL SDK

Resource Sharing

OpenCL™ memory objects, created on a shared context, are shared among the context devices. Applications do not need to copy them (using a "Read" or "Write" operation) between the context devices to process on the target device.

About Kernel Development Framework

Kernel Development Framework is native integrated development environment in the Microsoft Visual Studio* IDE that enables you to build and analyze OpenCL™ kernels.

The framework supports Intel® Architecture processors, Intel Processor Graphics, and remote development on Android* devices. The tool provides full offline OpenCL language compilation, which includes:

Problems View

OpenCL™ API Debugger plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio* IDE provides the Problems View that summarizes into a single view all errors and warnings that occurred during the execution.

To access the view, select CODE BUILDER > OpenCL Debugger > Problems View.

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