Tracing MPI call with Intel MPI


Is there a way to trace MPI calls (meaning: each time an MPI function is called, I'd like to see the function name, parameters and emitting process) using Intel MPI ?

There is a --trace option, but it seems connected with Trace Analyzer which only seems able to print information regarding cumulated time spent in a given function ?

I've been trying to read the documentation for some time now, and it does not seems to be supported, which seems kind of strange...



Derived Type stream I/O

Dear Intel Support Staff

I'm using ifort 14.0.1 on ncar yellowstone (x86_64 linux) and have to read a binary header consisting of nested derived types. This works fine for gfortran but not for ifort. With ifort there are several bytes being added during the read. I've been able to write a very short sample code, where a single byte and a short integer is written in the form of a nested derived type with stream access. This is a total of 3 bytes.

The file position with gfortran is 4 (3 bytes written), with ifort it is 5 (4 bytes written).

App Security API

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