Handle many kernel arguments in OCL Kernel

Dear all,

I am developing an OpenCL kernel for particle simulation and I face a problem. I have to transfer a lot of arguments to the device (I have not counted properly, but from the original code it could be more than 20 or 30 float arrays). Could you suggest me a way to handle properly such amount of arguments without having to call clSetKernelArgument() and clEnqueueWriteBuffer() more than 20 times?.


去年一月份,英特尔CEO科再奇(Brian Krzanich)向全世界介绍了英特尔Edison芯片。今年他向大家介绍了英特尔Curie,一个为可穿戴设备设计的使用英特尔Quark SE SoC的纽扣大小的模块。 




  • 32位低功耗英特尔Quark微控制器 
  • 384kB闪存和80kB SRAM
  • 6轴加速器和陀螺仪
  • 电池充电电路(PMIC)

英特尔已经为可穿戴技术创建了一个名为英特尔IQ的软件开发包。该软件开发包旨在帮助开发者和公司使用英特尔技术快速创建包括设备软件、智能手机软件、云软件和分析能力的可穿戴应用。目前已有两个名为英特尔Body IQ和英特尔 Social IQ的软件开发包发布。

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  • Gestensteuerung und die nächste Welle der 3D-Kameras

    Innerhalb der letzten fünf Jahre gab es auf dem Gebiet der Natural User Interfaces (NUI) eine regelrechte Revolution, da eine Vielzahl neuer Geräte auf den Markt kam. Sie ermöglichen dem Nutzer z.B. durch Gesten oder Sprache eine direkte Interaktion mit einer Benutzeroberfläche. Doch inwieweit ist diese Art der Steuerung sowohl intuitiv als auch komfortabel?

    Try OpenCL 2.0 on HD5500 iGPUs

    Hi Robert, 

    From the experience of using recent Intel OpenCL SDK, it shows that the OpenCL 2.0 is only support for CPU.

    The OpenCL version for GPU is still 1.2.

    However, by checking Khronos OpenCL products,

    it seems OpenCL 2.0 now also works on the HD5500 and up iGPUs.

    Just want to know whether the latest OpenCL SDK ( or OpenCL Code builder ) support OpenCL 2.0 on HD5500 and up iGPUs ?

    Tips and Tricks to use Unity with the Intel RealSense SDK 2014

    This blog is meant to provide information, suggestions, and links for developers using Unity with the Intel RealSense SDK 2014. Please feel free to add info or corrections in the comments and I will add those into this article in future versions. Check back often for additions.

    Important Note on Unity Versions:

    Problems with lgamma value on HD 4000/4400

    I have developed a probabilistic sampling program that made use of the "lgamma" function in OpenCL. The program runs normally on most platforms, including Intel's CPU using Intel's OpenCL driver. However, on the integrated HD 4000 and HD 4400, the program fails to produce the correct values. After a little debugging, I've identified that the value of the "lgamma" function is computed incorrectly when the OpenCL program is run on HD 4000/4400. The problem exists under Windows 7, 8, and 10 (preview), using the latest graphics driver (ver. 4098, dated 1/19/2015).

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