Hello World & #GDC2014 Party Cheat Sheet

For those that program (or are learning to program), the convention is that one's first program is called "Hello World," where, as the name implies, the quest is to get the display (whatever it may be) to show "Hello World." In this case, this is my first blog as the Community Manager for Intel® RealSense technology. I step into this role, taking over for the wonderful Bob Duffy, who is moving on to the roll of being the manager of community managers.

Xeon Phi Register Manual


We are planning to get the Xeon Phi working in our research environment which is a non-linux / non-windows operating system. Therefore we need to write our own drivers and our driver model is quite different to the one used in Linux / Windows. We have looked at the available documents for the Xeon Phi, however from a systems point of view they are pretty disappointing. 

Is there something like a technical reference manual / register reference of the Xeon Phi containing all the available registers on host side / coprocessor side ?


Problem linking when offloading STL

We have some offload code that doesn't run because dlopen() fails with undefined symbols. One of the suggestions that I found was to add "-Wl,-zdefs" to the offload linker options, which might bring the undefined symbols to our attention at link time.  However, when I do this, even the most simple offload code won't link.

For example:

Problem with running program on mic


I trying a run a simple file-open program on mic0 but the program fails (does not open file but terminates gracefully!) when i run it from the host machine and succeeds (program opens the file on mic0))when i run it directly from the mic card

I have cleared the firewalls, and i do

I_MPI_MIC = enable

% scp /opt/intel/impi/ mic0:/bin

% scp /opt/intel/impi/* mic0:/lib64/.

here is my run command:-

/opt/intel/impi/ -host mic0 -n 1 ~/a.out



Issues for MPI library startup


I am running a MPI program which involves 5 ranks communicating with each other. The program runs fine when i run it on Xeon platform but when i put one of the process rank on MIC the program crashes giving me a segmentation fault

mpi version: intel Mpi,

This is how i am setting up the libraries and compiler settings for mic

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/intel/composerxe/lib/mic:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH

export I_MPI_MIC=1

scp /opt/intel/impi/ mic0:/bin
scp /opt/intel/impi/* mic0:/lib64/.

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