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l  局部类定义全局化的问题。

l  多项目中代码名字冲突问题。



打开Study Metro App项目,建立MS1.js文件,并实现它的内容,如图1所示。


older COMPAQ Fortran 6 to Windows 7 platform

When my PC was transitioned to a Windows-7 one from XP (beyond my control), the Compaq 6.x (I believe) I have been using for years, almost exclusively in the command line mode for f77 type compiles, stopped working. Fortunately, with the original discs from the compiler purchase I found a path to essentially have the appropriate 64-bit-compatible software loaded as necessary and things jumped back to normal.

what does the error " Check INCLUDE paths. " indicate?

In a .F90 file, i write the sentence "use bc_set", and i am sure that the file of "bc_set.f90" is added.  But when i compile the program by "debug" button. it showed the error below:

error #7002: Error in opening the compiled module file.  Check INCLUDE paths.   [BC_SET]

I deleted  "bc_set.f90" and added it again. The error still appear. 

How to fix this problem?

Using SHBrowseForFolder

Based on the sample program supplied by Intel, I learned how to use the API function GetOpenFilename and GetSaveFilename and wrote a wrapper around them to enable simple use in a Quickwin application. Now, I would like to use SHBrowseForFolder. But there is no sample program that demonstrates this, and I find the Windows instructions for using it to be daunting in comparison. Does anybody have an example of use, ideally illustrating a wrapper that could be used for simple Quickwin calling? In other words, so that non windows programmers can use it?

Compiler for Intel 64 version 10.1.019 -- not found

I am looking for a specific version of your fortran compiler for windows. I need version 10.1.019 for Intel 64.

I need to use the Fortran compiler mentioned above, as it is the only compatible version to which I have access with my license file. Currently, the only build number for 10.1 available on your website is .034.

Thanks for your help

Converting c-string to Fortran string

In the brave new world of c interoperability the standard requires that c-strings passed into a Fortran subroutine are interpreted as arrays of characters of length 1. So to use them in a Fortran program and array of characters has to be converted into a character string. So my question is what is the best way of doing this? At the moment I'm using the function below with example usage but I'm not convinced it is optimal. Thanks.

Libraries not being found by linker

I am stumped by what must be an obvious oversight on my part. I have a project with two configurations, Release and Debug. The Debug version links with no problem. The Release version link phase is not seeing my libraries and I get a huge number of LNK2019 and LNK2001 errors (unresolved external symbol). I've cut and pasted the info from the compile and link command line windows.

Here is the command line info for the DEBUG compile:

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