FORTRAN: Opening and reading data from a network location

I am trying to run a simulation using FORTRAN. I have large input data at server A and I want to read input files from server A and run my simulation on server B. I am using a FORTRAN subroutine to assign input into a BCs array. I want to read input file from server A via FTP and assign them into BCs array on server B. I will be grateful if you can suggest me some ways to do so. Thanks

The code I have tried so far is as follows but it gives error.

cannot find 'ifort' after installing parallel_studio_xe_2015_update3 on ubuntu

I am an university student. I have just downloaded and installed the parallel_studio_xe_2015_update3. But in the directory '/opt/intel/composer_xe_2015/bin', I only find 'icc', but not 'ifort'. Have I installed the wrong file? According to the website, the parallel studio should contain both C and Fortran in it. Or am I looking at the wrong directory? I have checked several places but still cannot find 'ifort'. Please help with this. Thank you very much! 

BTW, my operation system is 'ubuntukylin-14.04.2-desktop-amd64' and I am pretty new to Linux.

Coarray implementation of QR decomposition?

I am wondering if there exists a coarray implementation of the QR decomposition somewhere, in library or source form. We are probably years away from a true coarray implementation of LAPACK, for instance, but in the meantime I am wondering if there is anything to play with.

Thanks for any tips/pointers there!

Complex logarithm

Hello all,

according to the "Intel Fortran Libraries Reference", the natural logarithm of a complex number should give complex values x+i*y with -pi < y <= pi. But:

write(*,*) log((-1d0,0d0)),log(-(1d0,0d0))

yields the following output


Oracle VirtualBox


I'm thinking of migrating to Linux Fortran native from Windows Fortran offload as all the offload lines are getting cumbersome.  Also expect to migrate to Knights Landing standalone.  Does anyone have any experience working inside Oracle VirtualBox?  Is there any particular Linux that seems to work best?


Bad results from assignment to allocatable array (with realloc_lhs)

I've attached a small example that clearly demonstrates that bad results are obtained from assignment to an (unallocated) allocatable array.  I am using the required realloc_lhs switch.  The problem exists with both Intel 14.0.3 and 15.0.2.   A key ingredient to the problem seems to be that the rhs of the assignment is an elemental type bound function referenced through a derived type array.

Intel 14 and 15 compiler bug

I've attached a very small example that exposes a bug in 14.0.3 and 15.0.2.  In the example, a module declares a derived type and a F2003 structure constructor for it.  In a later procedure the module is USEd and the type referenced, but the compiler complains incorrectly that the type is not known.  The error goes away if the structure constructor is not defined.

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