Apple OS X*


The ATTRIBUTES directive option ALLOCATABLE is provided for compatibility with older programs. It lets you delay allocation of storage for a particular declared entity until some point at run time when you explicitly call a routine that dynamically allocates storage for the entity.


The ATTRIBUTES directive option CONCURRENCY_SAFE specifies that there are no unacceptable side effects and no illegal (or improperly synchronized) memory access interferences among multiple invocations of a routine or between an invocation of the specified routine and other statements in the program if they were executed concurrently.


The ATTRIBUTES directive option DECORATE specifies that the external name used in !DIR$ ALIAS or !DIR$ ATTRIBUTES ALIAS should have the prefix and postfix decorations performed on it that are associated with the platform and calling mechanism that is in effect. These are the same decorations performed on the procedure name when ALIAS is not specified, except that, on Linux* and OS X* systems, DECORATE does not add a trailing underscore signifying a Fortran procedure.

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