Apple OS X*

General Preferences

The General Preferences enable you to set up the basic Intel® Trace Analyzer behavior, such as the startup options, view style, confirmation before quitting the Intel Trace Analyzer and the number of the recently opened tracefiles.

Tracefile Preferences

The Tracefile Preferences enable you to customize which charts you want visible when opening a new tracefile or in a new view of an existing tracefile. By default, the Summary Page is opened. Choose Continue, to open a View with the Function Profile chart and Performance Assistant.

Font Settings

To change the fonts in any part of Intel Trace Analyzer, navigate to Options > Set Fonts.

In the Fonts dialog box, you can change the fonts of the labels, legends or headers in the different Charts, for instance. To modify a particular font, click the Change button and change the size, style and font in the opened dialog box and select OK to preserve your selection.

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