Building Linux exectuable

Dear all, 

I hope this is the correct forum to ask this question. I have built my fortran exectuable on Windows 7  using Parallel Studio XE 2011 with VS 2010. 

Now I will need to build a linux exectuable as well.  I was wondering if you could guide me on the easiest way to do this. 

Also is there an equivalent of Visual Studio that can be used in Linux?

I would really appreciate your response. 

Thank you very much in Advance for your help. 


can build a DLL, but cannot run it on another pc

I have built a very simple DLL using Intel fortran.  I can successfully call a routine in it from an Excel visual basic macro on my own computer, but not on another computer.  I get a message about "file not found" and "error 53".

I think the right compiler options are what I'm looking for.  Can anyone tell me what I need to do?

So far I'm doing everything with 32 bit options, and Excel is a 32 bit version.  Once I get this working, I want to get it working for 64 bit Excel.




Runtime issues in legacy multiple entry subroutines

Hi, I am in evaluation mode of your product on Windows and OS X. I am trying to get some legacy FORTRAN IV code running and I have issues with existing multiple entry point subroutines. Here is a basic sample that has the problem I am having: 

       CALL ENTRY1(I,A,B,C) 

How to tame the ancient arrays?

The description of problem: I have a very old subprogram which was written for Microsoft Fortran v.5 (DOS, pre-windows era). There are two arrays in program code. The dimensions, the array specifications are (35,40) and (37,38). The program code was written so that it assumed that all elements of array specification that less than 1 are computed, but their values are equal 0. In Intel Fortran, the elements of array specification that less than 1 are computed with the own values. As result, the two summations give two different results of computing compared MS-Fortran and Intel Fortran.

A bug report

Dear developers,

I would like to report a bug in ifort version 15.0.3 in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11.3(x86_64):


      program t
      implicit none
      integer, parameter :: o2d(1)=1
      integer            :: nloc(1,1),pauli(1,1),mom(1)
      integer            :: ih,ii
      do ii=1,1
      end do
      end program


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