java socket 多线程网络传输多个文件

     由于需要研究了下用 java socket 传输文件,由于需要传输多个文件,因此,采用了多线程设计。客户端每个线程创建一个 socket 连接,每个 socket 连接负责传输一个文件,服务端的ServerSocket每次 accept 一个 socket 连接,创建一个线程用于接收客户端传来的文件。


Intel xdk, admob and html link problem (construct 2)

Hello, I have problem with the new intel xdk update (v2548). I am using construct 2 and have added the admob and the inappbrowser plugin. But they don’t work!

admob problem:
- When I chose the admob basic plugin my ad doesn't show up at all.
- But when I chose the admob old plugin it takes around 2 minutes for the ad to show up.

Inappbrowser problem:
- When I click on my link button I have made on my app it doesn't happen anything.

How "Enable Zombie Objects" with Intel XDK ?

I'm making a iOS game using the Intel XDK, but when the game is suspended and resume , it crashed with an EXC_BAD_ACCESS error (on iphone5,iOS 8.4.1).

I saw here : how to debug and fix it, but I don't know how to do without to use Xcode.

is it possible with intel XDK to "Enable Zombie Objects" ? and how overwrite "MainViewController.m" for disable animations on the UIView ?

config :

HTML5+Cordova project ( game engine Phaser)

cordova cli version 5.1.1

regarding Intel XDK JavaScript Bridge API and Intel XDK Namespace Cordova Plugin API future


Will all APIs from Intel XDK JavaScript Bridge API and Intel XDK Namespace Cordova Plugin API be marked as deprecated in the future?

I am building a kind of game engine and I am wondering whether support the player object (intel.xdk.player) or not because Cordova Media plugin has many issues. Will the player object (intel.xdk.player) continue working in future Intel XDK releases?

Update Available Popup Annoying

Hi Guys,


When a new version of the Intel XDK application is available, we get a popup informing us of this fact but I notice that it will keep appearing througout the use of the application after we click on Remind Me Later.


If we happen to leave our computer for a while, we'll have to click various instances of this popup. Depending on how long we've been away, we might have to click on it 4-5 times or more.


Can you limit this functionality so that we receive a single notification when the we first open the application?


Apache Cordova Media plugin and sound sprites loop do not work properly

I am trying to use Cordova Media plugin (1.0.1 version) to play a sound sprite.

I am using Intel XDK which includes an emulator. For debugging, the device I am using is a Sony Xperia Z3 with Android 5.1.1.

The code works well when I want to play the sound from one point to another which is far from the end of the audio file (its duration). Lets say the file duration is 13000 ms: there is no problem when I play from 0 to 12000 or even 12500, etc. but there are problems when I want to play until 12700, 12800 or 13000, for example.

iOS build OK but Android is failed

After I upgraded XDK to version 2548 I tryied to build again one app. My app was working OK. I did not do any change. I want only to build with this new version to test (CW15 and CLI 5.1.1).

The iOS build was OK. I sent to Apple Store and I will do some tests now.

But, the Crosswalk build is failed. I checked all my stuff and plugins. Nothing.

I closed the XDK, removed the plugins folder and open XDK again. One message was warning me that the plugins were been recreated.

issue to performance of croswalk 15

i have upragded my app to crosswalk 15 .

After that i have performance issue see , see screenshot

1: i am using OrientationLock plugin to show video to unlock orientation for my video rest all have portrait view only 

2: now issue is when i open video( Jewelry Concept button ) and rotate deivce to landscape mode and click video to show in fullscreen mode

now when i press back button from device , my website show only in half view mode , this was not issue in old apk i built with crosswalk 13

please suggest how to fix it

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