I checked on Android device and sees App can not access Internet

I checked on Android device and sees App can not access Internet   // in xdk-ripple Internet works

Permission is:


Or I must insert also other for Internet permission?

In Domain white list I have (and check box checked)


this includes all domains?

Also to restrict for a domain I must use full URL like or and check box?

How to remove the "slide" while switching panels in App framework ?


I'm trying to switch between pages/panels without the slide animation, anyone know how this is done?

What I've tried so far is:

1. switching page with href

(does slide anyways)

2. switching with $.ui.loadContent("#myPage",false, false, "none");

(Does slide anyways)


I'm aware that i can use something else like $.ui.loadContent("#myPage",false, false, "pop"); but i simply doesn't want anything must be possible?



Preventing app to restart when rotating

Hi all.

New fan of Intel XDK here, but I must say I struggle a bit with it...

So. I want to prevent my app to restart (ondeviceready) every time the device is rotated. When I was doing that the old way, Eclipse/PhoneGap, I used android:configChanges and screensize in the xml manifest. I don't get how to do that with the XDK.

I have added intel.xdk.config.additions.xml to my project and added:

<preference name="configChanges" value="orientation|screenSize|keyboardHidden"/>

But it has no effect at all.

Version 1995: Cannot start new project

I just upgraded to 1995 on OSX Yosemite. Old projects are present but I cannot create a new project.

1. Click "start a new project"

2. Click on standard HTML5 in blank template

3. select layout and user interface

4. Click tab view app and use AD.

5. Click continue

6. Provide project name leaving existing project directory from prior XDK versions

7. Click create and the attached error dialog appears.  The directory with your project is created in the project directory--contents are empty.

Basic functions not working on WP 8.1 after app resume

I have the following problem. I made an app using App Framwork 2.1 and it works on Android and it seems to run under Windows Phone 8.1. But on the real WP device (Lumia 630) basic functions stops working after the app pauses and gets resumed. For example intel.xdk.notification.alert or $.ajax do not work anymore. Here are the steps to reproduce this error:

1. create a new app with AF
2. add a button and the following script for this button

Facebook Plugins Won't Build in IOS

I have an app that we built a year ago. This week, we wanted to modify it for a Facebook campaign. We have tried to build the app using both the Facebook Connect plugin included in the XDK, as well as the third-party plugin from CCSoft. In both cases, the IOS build fails to install the Facebook plugin, though everything else works.

Is there some issue with the Facebook plugins?

My App Geolocation functionality work only in Apple iPad and iPhone devices in xdk-ripple... in Android & Windows Not work...

tried CORDOVA 3.6.1, 4.0.1, 4.1.2  // installed xdk again in Win 8.1 Pro  20-May-2015  // Android Not crosswalk - yet to device test

My App Geolocation functionality work only in Apple iPad and iPhone devices in xdk-ripple... in Android & Windows Not work...

seems a Permision problem but used for Android:


I am getting this // but NOT in Apple devices - ripple:

Intel Edison Release 2.1 and Passwords

I installed the latest version of the Intel Edison Software framework. Afterwards I had to fight with connecting the edison to my Win-PC because I had chosen a password including a "@". I always got the result that the ssh-connection faild because of authentication (I did not work with ssh). The password with "@" did well in the old version but no more in the latest release. I work with a swiss german keyboard, but this should not influence.

Push Notifications - Urban Airship PhoneGap plugin

I've installed this plugin locally and configured app settings based on documentation.  When I go to build I get an error message. (See below).

I used the ID from the plugin.xml but not sure if thats the correct one.  Has anyone else had success using this plugin?  What other options for push notifications are there now that AppMobi is deprecated?

Blank White Screen

So building my first app with the Intel XDK. Everything was going great until I went to actual device testing (Not using the preview app or the emulator). No matter if the build is for iOS or Android it returns a blank white screen after the app is opened. Any advice or fixes would be greatly appreciated!

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