Cordova notification error


Been building the same app for a while now, made some minor changes and now I get an error when attempting to display a notification.alert.

Wondered why this was happening as my alerts no longer appear.

The old format of this exec call has been removed (deprecated since 2.1). Change to: cordova.exec(null, null, "", "Error",[null,"Notification","alert",["The verification code or your name is entered incorrectly","OK","OK"]]);

This error does not occur on App Preview or under emulation, only when the app is installed on iOS, the Android version seems OK.

How to download project files from Testing Server

I have been using Intel XDK for an android apk. This project is using Jquery platform. I have always pushed my project update to Testing server. Three days ago, Intel XDK unexpectedly crashed and I have lost every single files saving in the project location of local pc after reopened Intel XDK. Index.html file size changed to zero bytes in WWW folder. I have signed in to before. I have known I can download my project files in here.

legacy ios build issue

When I attempt to perform an OTA installation of a legacy, ios ad-hoc build, I keep getting the popup message that the app "could not be installed at this time."

This occurs on two different iphones. The app was successfully built and installed OTA over a year ago. Since the certificates had expired, I generated new ones and uploaded them in the build tab of the XDK. The build completed without error.

adding an image

I'm working on an app that has a "login" button.

When the user types in their credentials and clicks "log in" I display an animated GIF (spinning wheel).

That only works when I include a full path to the file in the code, i.e; c:\apps\xdk\images\file.gif

This does not get included in the test "push" and I'm guessing also not in a build.

My question: How do I add a picture to my app that will get included in both the test and the build?



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