working AdMob example of HTML5+Cordova project

Hi all,

After upgrade to 3240 I couldn't build the app for Android with AdMob plugin.

I thought it's my code so I created some dummy projects just to see which plug-in and how to use it.
All these project fail to display ad.
I have tested cordova-plugin-admob and cordova-plugin-ad-admob.
Is there anyone successfully building the apps with Admob plugin on 3240 XDK?

Is there any simple working example?

[Solved] pageshow not fireing

Using intelxdk 32.40 with app framework.

After a clean project installation my pageshow won't fire at all. Tried many different ways not sure what to do next. 

I used it before but now it won't fire any page(before show/init/show). 

This is the code i am using


alert("pageshow event fired - the page is now shown");


this is the html

One URL with https and problems in certificates. Help my please.

Hello equip intel,

I have one problem. In the programation of my app, i use the plugin inappbrower for to open all the url´s. One of this don´t open never and it is...."" . This site have problems with the certificate and the browser open one page in white all the time. 

Any idea for my please?

Thanks and best regards.






(5.4.1 CLI) No Longer Supported and not Able to Build (a small project)...

I updated today to version 3240 from 3088. Since then I was unable to build any project small or big except once a couple of hours ago. Even that project didn't go through the build ever again. The project size is under 10mb. I went back to 3088 to try again, but I got this problem ahead of me:

Even the crosswalk versions available before have disappeared, and now I only have crosswalk 15 in the list. I need at least crosswalk 16 because it has a lot of improvements over the 15th.

app not working online

How could it be that an Intel XDK project on my local drive (my computer), works when I launch the index.html file in a browser. The app works flawlessly. However, when I upload to my server (FTP, hosting) it does not work? Is there something that has to be configured for where you are uploading too? Is there something that needs to be specifically built for your location? Thanks

P.S. I had previously asked a similar question about what I specifically doing. I think I may have made things confused so I asked it again here. Thanks

InAppBilling Third-Party Plugin

These instructions for Android In In-App Billing are no longer valid:

The com.smartmobilesoftware.inappbilling plugin is no longer available to be added through the "Cordova plugin registry".

Is this plugin still the recommended way to do In-App Billing on Android with the IntelXDK? Should I instead now add this plugin through the "Git repo" option?

Thanks for any information!

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