XDK 2893 Plugin Management

Love the new plugin management system on 2893 build.
However, built apk and included:

1. cordova-plugin-camera

2. cordova-plugin-file

When installing the apk the permissions read "Modify or delete the content of your SD card..."  and "WI-FI...."
There is no mention of "take pictures and videos"

Which leads me to believe that the camera plugin is not included within the build.
However, I can see the camera plugin within the plugins folder, so it's downloaded correctly.

project whit data base and intel xdk

I need to build an APK for the local hospital of my city that alert people to donate blood when hospital need the idea is when hospital need people to donate they add what they need to a data base that alert on the apk of the phone whit the info, is posible to do that with intel xdk? thank for any info and suggest.

build in failed

hi there, i am trying to build Android crosswalk APK, but it just went failed .... I have no idea what's going on because I have been exporting quite a lot of APK in the past.... but these days just not working at all...

please check my build log!




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