What I learned exhibiting for the first time at Power of Play

Power of Play 2015 was an amazing opportunity for me to exhibit Bit Ball, the game I’ve been working on for past few months. It happened to also be the first time I have ever exhibited anything that I have created. With no experience going in I was excited to see what I would learn. I’ve settled on three takeaways that I consider the most valuable. These may seem obvious to the veteran exhibitor but they weren’t to me and I suspect may not be to other less experienced exhibitors.

Media for Mobile Release Notes and Support

Intended Audience

Software developers interested in a cross-platform productivity suite that enables them to quickly and easily create native apps from OS X* host for Android* targets (or) Windows* host for Android* or Windows* targets.

Customer Support

For technical support of Media for Mobile, including answers to questions not addressed in this product, latest online getting started help, visit the technical support forum, FAQs, and other support information, click here.

  • Développeurs
  • Android*
  • Apple iOS*
  • Apple OS X*
  • Microsoft Windows* (XP, Vista, 7)
  • Microsoft Windows* 8.x
  • Android*
  • Développement de jeu
  • Internet des objets
  • Windows*
  • C#
  • Java*
  • JavaScript*
  • Avancé
  • Débutant
  • Intermédiaire
  • Intel® INDE
  • Éducation
  • Traitement média
  • 设计面向游戏的人工智能(第 4 部分)

    The gaming industry has seen great strides in game complexity recently. Game developers are challenged to create increasingly compelling games. This series explores important Artificial Intelligence (AI) concepts and how to optimize them for multi-core.
  • Développeurs
  • Développement de jeu
  • Avancé
  • Débutant
  • Intermédiaire
  • Intel® VTune™ Amplifier
  • ai
  • Artificial intelligence
  • artificial intelligence engine
  • threading
  • parallelization
  • parallel
  • Développement de jeu
  • Graphiques
  • Informatique parallèle
  • HTML5 播放器心得与小结

    随着 HTML5 的普及,越来越多视频网站使用 <video></video> 标签播放直播、点播内容(如下图所示)。使用 <video> 的好处,主要以下两点。

    • 可以直接在页面中播放,也就是所谓的“区域播放”,上半屏是视频播放,下半屏是其他内容,可以一边播放,一边看其他内容。
    • 某些应用如微信朋友圈的 Webview 限制外部打开视频,这样要在微信推广的话,区域播放就迫切需要了。





    <form name="..." action="...." method="post/get"  enctype=“三种取值”  target="四个取值">    






    <input type="text" name="" size="" maxlength="" value=""/>



    size显示的长度 maxlength最多可以输入的文字数




    <input type="password" name="" size="" maxlength="" value=""/> 

    如果密码有value的话好像会在url里面显示出来呢。哦 不是 是点了提交之后,并且要提交方式是get。蠢死我了。

    Beta Intel® Graphics Driver for Haswell and Broadwell


    This beta driver is released to resolve issues some users are reporting regarding a "flickering display" issue on some Intel Haswell and Broadwell based NUC products.

    These beta drivers are provided "as is" and are not supported by Intel Technical Support or any other department at Intel. According to the license agreement, these preview drivers are provided "as is."

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