Intel System Debugger, System Trace usage – Export & Compare trace logs

This article is to share about how to use Intel System Debugge-System Trace feature to help system boot-up issues. The general idea is to compare two issues logs collected between good case and trouble case.
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  • Meet the developer who wants to change the world through coding

    Ngesa Marvin knew from a young age that he wanted to work in the science and engineering fields. Growing up in a small village in Muhoroni, Kenya, he learnt his first hard lesson when he electrocuted himself while trying to pull electric wires from a meter box to make a car. A few years later, he came across a book at his uncle’s house that outlined how to write HTML codes. After some experimentation and exciting outcomes, he was hooked and knew that he wanted to develop solutions that address unique African problems, change lives and make the world a better place.

    与英特尔® Edison开发板一起摇滚

    本篇指导性文章旨在介绍借助英特尔® Edison 开发板获取和播放声音的不同方法。

    在此我们仅介绍环回方法,因为这类方法的交互性更强 ,而且能够令 Edison 开发板的表现无异于一台互联设备。

    如果用户希望回放声音文件,必须使用通过蓝牙连接的 基于外部 A2DP 的播放器。


    1. 从 USB 耳机并通过该耳机环回音频
    2. 通过 USB 声音设备环回 A2DP 流
    3. 将 A2DP 流环回至 A2DP 远程设备



    • 带有基于 Arduino 的扩展版的英特尔 Edison 开发板
    • USB 音频设备(最好是 USB 耳机)
    • A2DP 设备,用于将音频发送至开发板(比如智能手机)
    • A2DP 设备,用于播放开发板的音频(比如蓝牙扬声器)


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  • 使用安卓* 电话通过英特尔® Edison的蓝牙串行端口 (SPP) 与Arduino代码通信


    在 Arduino 环境中,可以非常便捷地访问 BT SPP(比如串行端口),并响应 BT 串行端口 传来的命令字符串。 许多 Arduino 项目均运用这种方法支持项目的远程控制。 以前,您需要 采用额外的 BT shield 或 BT 套件在英特尔® Galileo 上存档。 现在,借助英特尔® Edison 的内置 BT 支持,您可以使用带有 Arduino breakout 开发板的 Edison 模块完成存档。 不再 需要额外的 BT shield。

    System Architecture


    • Android* 手机或运行 Android 系统的平板电脑,且带有蓝牙。

    Indie Game Month Introduces Game Development to Phoenix Comicon

    We recently teamed up with Game CoLab, a local game development incubator, to organize 4 events across the majority of May 2015.  This series of pilot events, dubbed “Indie Game Month” was geared towards opening the world of self-driven game development to new developers by augmenting their skills, helping them make connections, and showing them how to make rapid progress.  Here’s a quick summary of the events, with the list of games below.

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