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svml_dispmd.dll not loading/ Proper runtime environment for Release


I am having issues building an executable that can run on a machine that does NOT have ICC installed. For my runtime I am linking libmmds.lib and excluding libmmd.lib. The code generation is /MD. Further, I have also tried building this as an MSI installer and included both the Microsoft and Intel redistributables: Microsoft_VC100_CRT_x86.msm and w_ccompxe_redist_intel64_2013_sp1.2.176.msm. All of this and I am still having the same issues. Any idea what I could be missing? Thanks in advance.

Problem integrating with Eclipse CDT 8.0 on Debian 8 Testing

I have downloaded and installed the one month trial version of the Intel C++ compiler for Linux (l_ccompxe_2013_sp1.3.174).  I haven't used it, but as far as I know, I have installed it correctly (just Intel(R) C++ Compiler XE 14.0 Update 3; Intel(R) Debugger 13.0; 7. GNU* GDB 7.5), including by running the script whose symlink is /opt/intel/bin/  The actual script location and the parameter I gave it was:

/opt/intel/composer_xe_2013_sp1.3.174/bin/ intel64

Code generation bug in ICC 13 and 14

I've been trying to find somewhere on the Intel site to file a bug report but it seems virtually impossible to do this, so I thought I'd try posting it here. If anyone has a link to a proper bug reporting page then I'd be happy to file it there too.

Here's a self-contained example which illustrates a serious code gen bug in ICC 13 and 14 which shows up at -O2 and above. ICC 11 is fine. There is also a workaround included:

Different performance between Intel C++ Compiler 11 and Intel C++ Compiler 14

Hi all,

I have some problems with my source code, when I build it with Intel C++ Compiler 11 and Intel C++ Compiler 14. The difference is showed at the table below:

Intel Compiler 11
Intel Compiler 14

Original source (ms)

Optimized source (ms)


+ Original source: I use many variables to store data and calculate on it.

Auto-vectorization and std::vector


I would like to understand why the Intel compiler happens to fail to vectorize some basic loops when using std::vector. The following code is testing 3 different "arrays" : C-style array, an homebrewed vector class, and the std::vector class. I am timing a loop that just does v[i] =i for all the elements of the array. The results are the following :

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