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Integration of XE 2016 Beta into Visual Studio 2015 Community RC

After installing the XE 2016 beta, Visual Studio 2015 Community RC fails to load properly.  In the log the following issue is reported:

Could not load file or assembly 'Intel.Misc.Utilities, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=f4875dd4c8d7762f' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.

In-class initializer bug, destructors incorrectly called, compiler 2015

I've got a test case where I have a class with 3 subobjects (A, B and C), and the 2nd subobject Bthrows an exception during construction. As I understand C++, the compiler should rewind the construction of the big class and destroy the 1st object A, but not the 2nd (B) or 3rd (C) objects.

icc16: openmp declare reduction : internal error: 20000_0

Hey all,

I tried to use the OpenMP declare reduction pragma for an implementation of an array reduction. The code compiles fine using g++ 4.9 and produces correct results. However, using icpc-16.0.038 gives an internal error 20000_0. I attached a small code example.

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