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Parameterized Derived Data Type Allocation Error

Hi all, the following is a simplified version of a code that I wrote that does not seem to work. For the larger code I just get a generic "compliation error" and then the compiler stops. I tracked that to where I am passing the parameterized derived data type into a subroutine with assumed parameters (eg TYPE (MYTYPE(*,*)),INTENT(INOUT):: TYP). I am not using kind numbers, so I it only contains portions that are defined with LEN in the data type.


Below is an example code that results in two different errors:

Redistributable Libraries and/or static compilation


I need to send a co-worker the redistributable libraries for the latest Fortran compiler. Where can I find those (in my computer or on-line)?

Also, does the recipient have to do anything else (move dll's to same directory as exe, define an environment variable)?

As an alternative, is there an easy way to link everything statically? This is a simple Fortran console application that does not call any special numerical packages.

Calling a C function in Visual Studio from a Visual Fortran code


I have a Visual Studio 2012 installed on Windows 8.1. Also, I installed Visual Fortran. I want to create a solution with two projects one in Fortran and one in C, then be able to call C function from Fortran code. Can anyone, please, show a simple step by step example on how to achieve this in VS? Thanks.

Debugger watch window subscript out of range

I'm debugging a program which is set up to reference memory locations outside the range of the dimension of various variables. Program is compiled so subscripts are not checked for range, but when I use the debugger an try to look at the variable in a watch window, I always get a 'subscript out of range' when I use a subscript that I know gives me the location of the information I want to see. Is there any way to keep the watch window from checking on the subscript of a variable?

Visual Fortran Complier 2008 not working anymore on Windows 7 or 8

Hello, I used to run Intel Visual Fortran v11.1 on a Windows 7 machine and everything was ok. I was making little Dos windows programs to post-process my data.

I didn't use it for a while and eventually install it on a new Windows 7 machine. Now it won't run anymore, or rather when I try to run the executables it produces, Windows says that "is not a valid Win32 Application". Any idea what happened?

Please help!


Print window keeps coming up behind my application window

I use the FORTRAN_WINPRINT.F90 to print from my applications, but the print window (the one that allows you to select your printer) opens almost always behind my applications window.  Not every time, but more probably more than 70% of the time.  So users think the program has stopped when it is actually waiting for input.  How do I get this Print window to always come up in front of my applications window?

missing library after update

 My builds previously worked, but after updating with the latest Intel Fortran tools, I no longer have a libmmt.lib and my build has a fatal error:

Error    9     fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file 'libmmt.lib'    LINK    

My update database shows that libmmt.lib DID previously exist in e.g. Program Files (x86)/Intel/Composer XE 2015/Compiler/lib/intel64
but it is gone after the update.   Other tools (Intel Software Manager) seem to be gone, too.

Is this change expected and what can I do about it?


64 bit debugging not working - revisited

This is mostly an FYI on a follow up to the locked post:

I had the same x64 debugging problem (watch variables show up with undefined addresses), so I updated to the latest ver of Fortran composer (Intel(R) Visual Fortran Compiler XE, which is update 5, but this did not fix the problem (the problem only occurs with VS2013, but not VS2010).

How to get Intel Fortran Studio (!) 2013 SP1 Update 5


in my company we have some IF Studio 2013 and some IF Composer 2013 installed.

I've updated the Composers XE 2013 to SP1.5.239

Now I'm searching for SP1 Update 5 for the Studio-versions, but in the Intel-download-area I can only find SP1 update 3.

I assume the the Studio-Update is just a bundling of the updates of the tools it consists of.

Question: is it save to update a Studio-installation with the Composer-Update?

best regards


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