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The difference in the common sparse solver function result and cluster sparse solver function result


I'm Using MKL Pardiso Sparse Solver (PARDISO).


Some time ago, I Using Intel Parallel Studio 2013 Version (MKL 11.2).

Recently, I'm Update Intel Parallel Studio 2016 (MKL 11.3).

This Version Support Cluster Sparse Solver. so I using this Function.

But Solving result is difference. (about 0.02)



Originally does the other result come out?

Or is there the condition getting the little more exact result?

Question about Parallel thread number of Pardiso

Hi all,

In my program, I am not set restriction of OpenMP thread number, but I found it only using 4 OpenMP threads on my machine. Why?


My CPU configuration is (reported by Intel VTune ):
Name: Intel(R) Core(TM) Processor 2xxx Series
Frequency: 2.2 GHz
Logical CPU Count: 8 


OS is windows 10.


Following is console output by pardiso and openmp while setting KMP_SETTINGS=1 and pardiso message level parameter to 1:

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