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Native and IPM Statistics

The statistics in each supported format can be collected separately. To collect statistics in all formats with the maximal level of details, use the I_MPI_STATS environment variable.





The I_MPI_STATS_SCOPE environment variable is not applicable when both types of statistics are collected.

Multi-threaded Applications

To run an application that creates new threads, you need to link your application with thread safe version of the Intel® MPI Library. You do not need any extra option while code compilation, the compiler script like mpiicc links code with thread safe library by default.

To run OpenMP* application and pin threads inside the domain, make sure the KMP_AFFINITY environment variable is set to use the corresponding OpenMP* feature.

Run the application:


Sometimes debugging an application is not effective and you prefer to use logging instead. There are several ways to get logging information from running applications.

General Troubleshooting Procedures

When faced with errors or failures during usage of the Intel® MPI Library, take the following general troubleshooting steps:

  1. Check the System Requirements section and the Known Issues section in Intel® MPI Library Release Notes.

  2. Check accessibility of the hosts. Run a simple non-MPI application (for example, the hostname utility) on the problem hosts using mpirun.


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