comparison of media sdk server editions


I have reviewed the comparison table in

But I am not sure, it shows

"HEVC Decoder & Encoder, GPU Assist API" only in professional edition.

Does the other pckages capable of encode/decode MPEG-2 and H.264 , and not capable only with H.265 (HEVC) ?



AdaptiveI support


Is AdaptiveI or AdaptiveB supported on a particular set of hardware or a particular API level?  The manual makes it sound like API 1.8 is the requirement.  I'm using 1.10 and I don't see any I-frames being inserted on scene changes.

I found this: which seems to indicate that it isn't supported - is this true for all hardware/API levels, or just a specific generation?

mfxEncodeCtrl payload lifetime


I'm having some issues inserting SEI payloads while encoding.  Specifically, I'm confused regarding the lifetime of the mfxEncodeCtrl structure and associated payload.  If I allocate the mfxEncodeCtrl and mfxPayload data on the heap and never free either, everything works fine.  If I free just the mfxPayload->Data, it also seems to work.  But if I also free the mfxEncodeCtrl structure or the Payload pointers, then I get a segfault in the codec library.

Video scaling with "aspect ratio correction" (Letterbox or Pillarbox) results in incorrect color shift

Hello there!

I ran in an problem, while scaling a video frame with Intels video processing library. This post should help anyone, who experiences same issue.

While  MFXVideoVPP::Init(mfxVideoParam *par) returns MFX_ERR_NONE, there is a color shift (yellow and blue are broken) in the output video data. This runtime error occures because of misconfiguration of "crop" parameters. 

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