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Meet the developer who wants to change the world through coding

Ngesa Marvin knew from a young age that he wanted to work in the science and engineering fields. Growing up in a small village in Muhoroni, Kenya, he learnt his first hard lesson when he electrocuted himself while trying to pull electric wires from a meter box to make a car. A few years later, he came across a book at his uncle’s house that outlined how to write HTML codes. After some experimentation and exciting outcomes, he was hooked and knew that he wanted to develop solutions that address unique African problems, change lives and make the world a better place.

Hadoop RPC机制+源码分析


RPC是一种通过网络从远程计算机上请求服务的机制,封装了具体实现,使用户不需要了解底层网络技术。目前存在许多开源RPC框架,比较有名的有Thrift、Protocol Buffers和Avro。Hadoop RPC与他们一样,均由两部分组成:对象序列化和远程过程调用。




Problema con mi equipo Ultrabook Intel

Hola que tal, necesito ayuda para solucionar un problema con un equipo Intel Ultrabook con Windows 8.1.

Me encontraba trabajando normalmente con mi equipo cuando al momento de apagarla me dice que se esta actualizando el software del S.O. de Windows, la descarga de archivos y actualización se realizo normalmente ya que pude acceder de nuevo al siguiente día, sin embargo el equipo dejo de responder a los pocos minutos de estar trabajando en él y tuve que apagarlo presionado el botón de encendido hasta que se reinicio, fue ahí donde me apareció la siguiente instrucción:

英特尔® Energy Profiler安卓版入门


通过英特尔® Energy Profiler 分析,面向系统的英特尔® VTune™ Amplifier 可帮助您优化 Linux* 嵌入式平台、Android* 或 Windows* 系统上的代码的电源管理。 通过功耗分析,您可以发现浪费能源的行为,从而显著延长设备的电池续航时间。

监控不同的硬件睡眠状态,包括硬件从睡眠状态中唤醒的原因。 探测 CPU 频率以分析您系统的功耗问题。 以可视的方式执行结果比较,快速量化和证明改进之处。

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  • Maker Faire - The Marquee Maker Event Celebrates 10 Years in the Bay Area


    This weekend, the DevO (Developer Outreach) team descended upon San Mateo from far and wide to volunteer at the be all and end all maker event, the 2015 Maker Faire. In 2014 there were 131 Maker Faires worldwide with the Bay Area Maker Faire being the original and the largest, so this was the flagship event to attend and engage with passionate makers.

    Trackpad multitouch on my ubiv3srdq Intel SDP Ultrabook

    I have a ubiv3srdq Intel SDP Ultrabook. My trackpad works, but only as a mouse. I can't use multi touch and gestures for scrolling, zooming, etc. I suppose it's drivers' fault. I tried to see which version I'm using, but trackpad isn't listed in Device Manager.

    Does anyone know how to enable multi touch trackpad or which drivers to install?

    I'm using Windows 8.1.

    Thank you!

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