How to Develop Native Android* Lollipop* Applications with Intel® INDE 2015 Eclipse* Integration


This tutorial will guide you through Intel® INDE 2015 installation and demonstrate how to develop native Android* Lollipop* applications that target either x86 based or ARM based processors.

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  • Potential bug in Android L emulator


    I recently tried a couple of android card games I developed with android L (API 21) x86 emulator in order to test their compatibility with android Lollipop. The games use OpenGL ES 2.0 and a framework/engine I developed by myself. 

    I realized if I do not select the EGLConfig in GLSurfaceView the app crashes and the logcat says no config has been chosen.

    Looking for workaround to have HAXM working on Mac VMs


    I came across some bunch of discussions on this but couldn't find exact solution for my particular problem , so thought of having yet another thread on this (advanced apologies).

    We have a MAC server on which we are using VmWare OS and on top of which we have created some MaC VMs. We are not able to run emulator on this machine because it gives an error that HAXM is required. On trying to install HAXM , it gives another error that machine doenst meet requirements.

    Intel® INDE Media for Mobile Tutorials

    This is a set of tutorial articles devoted to Intel® INDE Media for Mobile.

    Before getting started, download Intel INDE by visiting and install "Media for Mobile" component. For additional assistance visit the Intel INDE forum.

    The list of tutorials will be constantly expanding. Here is what we have so far:

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  • Can't install HAXM on Windows 2012


    I am using windows 2012 and I have tried all possible solutions to install HAXM with no luck.

    * I have the latest BIOS version
    * VT-x and VT-d are turned on in BIOS
    * Hyper-V is not installed / disabled
    * I've tried "bcdedit /set nx AlwaysOn" and reboot
    * CrystalCPUID and Intel detection tool of VT-x shows that its on
    * there Isn't any anti virus software installed on the machine ( I heard it made problems to others)

    HAXM for OSX 10.10 (Yosemite) using outdated signature

    Dear Admin,

    Just a heads up, I installed HAXM today using the SDK manager through Android Studio using IntelHAXM_1.1.0_for_10.10.dmg

    However, the kernal extension is using an outdated signature and hence does not work properly.

    i.e. the kextload command yields:

    sudo kextload -bundle-id failed to load - (libkern/kext) not loadable     (reason unspecified); check the system/kernel logs for errors or try     kextutil(8).
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