Experience and Lessons Learned for Large-Scale Graph Analysis using GraphX

While GraphX provides nice abstractions and dataflow optimizations for parallel graph processing on top of Apache Spark*, there are still many challenges in applying it to an Internet-scale, production setting, e.g. graph algorithms and underlying frameworks optimized for billions of graph edges and 1000s of iterations. This presentation, will show our efforts in building real-world, large-scale graph analysis applications using GraphX for some of the largest organizations/websites in the world, including both algorithm level and framework level optimizations, e.g.

Video Cut Fails sometime

I am using Intel media-for-mobile sample ( to Trim/Cut video. However when I when i record video and goes to ComposerTranscodeCoreActivity some time the video is not loaded and it shows black screen and some time the video is showing there but when i click to start trim/Cut it give me Error "Failed to allocate component instance" Logcat shows error: "Unable to instantiate a decoder for type 'video/avc'."


I am attaching screen shots for reference.

Getting Started with OpenCV feature of the Intel® INDE


The Intel® Integrated Native Developer Experience (Intel® INDE) is a cross-architecture productivity suite that provides developers with tools, support, and IDE integration to create high-performance C++/Java* applications for Windows* on Intel® architecture and Android* on ARM* and Intel® architecture.

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  • Video Cut/trim crashes using Intel media-for-mobile sample

    I am using Intel media-for-mobile sample ( to Trim/Cut video. However when I try for video trim and click start button it gives me an error:


    with logcat red error as: A component of name '' already exists, ignoring this one.

    [] configureCodec returning error -1010

    Codec reported an error.

    Making Your Android* Application Login Ready Part II


    In part I we explored adding a login screen to our restaurant application and then customizing the rest of the application based on the access level of who logs in. That way, when the manager logs in, they can do their managerial tasks like editing the menu and analyzing restaurant sales, while the customer can see their coupons and reward points. Part I can be read here:

    Making Your Android* Application Login Ready Part I

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