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Anticipated direction info for Media SDK 2015 for Linux Servers

In the spirit of open communication, we've assembled current plans for our 2015 Linux product. This includes some changes in supported Linux distributions and hardware.  

For more information please see the article below:

Any feedback you may have is appreciated.  Thanks!


BufferSizeInKB doesn't change upon call to MFXVideoENCODE_Reset with new bit rate for VBR

Unexpectedly, BufferSizeInKB doesn't change when calling MFXVideoEncode_Reset() with a new bit rate for VBR (for H.264).  For example, if I configure a mfxVideoParam for 720p59.94 (w: 1280, h: 720, frame rate:  60000/1001, progressive, AVC, high profile, VBR), if I set both TargetKbps and MaxKbps to 1000 (1 Mbps), after calling Init() and then GetVideoParam(), BufferSizeInKB is set to 250 and InitialDelayInKB is set to 125.

(Potentially) malformed video file crashing hardware decoder

So, I managed to produce (with the help of Evolve) a video file that causes the decoding library to crash. I'm not too familiar with it, but the file crashes both Evolve (which uses DirectShow -> Windows codecs -> Media SDK for thumbnailing) and Windows Media Player when attempting to play it. However, ffmpeg-based players (both VLC and MPV) can play it just fine.

vaapiparse_h264 element


I am trying to produce element named vaapiparse_h264 from source code of gstreamer-vaapi. I have obtained the version 0.6.0  from

Whenever I have compiled the source code, I cannot get the vaapiparse_h264 element. I have tried the following flags in configuration phase.

--enable-builtin-videoparsers=no --enable-builtin-codecparsers=no

Could you please help me to produce the specified element?

Moreover, why this element exists? What is it for?


Want Intel to contact me about Media SDK

I'm currently using MainConcept's SDK to stream H264/AAC over DirectShow. It's for Microsoft Research internal use only, not to be shipped. I want to use Intel's Media SDK. Can somebody please PM me (does this forum allow that?) and tell me how to contact them? I'm getting a dead end w/ Intel's Customer SDK email support.



media sdk2012 h264 decode error

Hi, guys, I use intel media sdk 2012 to decode h264 file, however, it doesnt work, i cant see the output file
there are some errors
DecodeFrameAsync: EXTERNAL : MFX_ERR_MORE_SURFACE (1360)
DecodeFrameAsync: EXTERNAL : MFX_ERR_MORE_DATA (208)

input file: I download from
use YAMB to get raw H.264, just following the instructions in Intel_Media_Developers_Guide

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