Intel® Advisor

Intel(r) Parallel Studio XE 2015 Professional Edition

The latest release of Intel(r) Parallel Studio is now available.

If you have an active support license for Intel Parallel Studio, the Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2015 products are now available for download from the Intel® Registration Center.

New features for Intel® Advisor XE 2015

Advisor 2015 XE not working with Visual Studio 2015

I had installed Parallel Studio XE 2015 Update 5 on a Windows 10 Pro x64 machine.  Integration into Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 worked with Inspector, Amplifier, and Advisor showing up in the VS menu bar.  Integration into Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 worked only for Amplifier. How to fix Intel Inspector 2015 XE and Advisor 2015 XE with Visual Studio 2015 please help.
Thank you.

How to Change the Target type drop-down to Correctness Analysis


This is my first post to the forum.
I am testing advisor_xe_2016.1.0.423501 on a E5-2690 v3 cpu using the nqueens tutorial.
According to the html doc "Predict Parallel Data Sharing Problems", i should be able to:

Change Intel Advisor Project Properties:
In the Intel Advisor GUI, choose File > Project Properties....
In the Analysis Target tab:
Change the Target type drop-down to Correctness Analysis.

installing Intel Paralle Studio XE Composer Edition for Fortran and C++ Windows

Dell model:T7610 I have 64bit windows 7 We've been trying to install Intel Paralle Studio XE Composer Edition for Fortran and C++ Windows. The trouble we're having is that it will not complete the install. After the certificate install. The Intel splash screen will come up and look like it was about install but then the splash screen disappears.

Intel® Advisor XE 2016 Update 1 What’s new

We’re pleased to announce new version of Vectorization Assistant tool: Intel® Advisor XE 2016 Update 1.

Intel Advisor XE now supports Microsoft Windows* 10 and integrates into Microsoft Visual Studio* 2015.

We significantly improved performance and responsiveness of data loading and finalization in Survey, Trip Counts, MAP and Dependencies reports.

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