MPI related error in offload

Hi All,

I am trying to offload a do loop onto the intel MIC.

for every function call at its definition I added this.

!dir$ attributes offload:mic :: <function name>

The function turned out to be nested i.e each function had multiple function call within it.

Continuing I have reached a point where I got this error and I have no idea how to solve it.

Compiling CESM for intel MIC in offload mode

Hi All,

I am trying to run CESM(community earth system model written in Fortran) with offload sections for Intel Xeon Phi. I am trying to do this for an OpenMP loop present in a section called baroclinic function. While doing this, I get the following error during compilation of the offload code. 

A procedure called by a procedure with the OFFLOAD:TARGET attribute must have the OFFLOAD:TARGET attribute.

Why GotoBlas has so low efficiency(where is wrong for my steps)?

 I use GotoBlas and mpich to run hpl in the cluster(the cpu is Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2670 0 @ 2.60GHz). I use two ways to compile GotoBlas:(1)make (2)make USE_THREAD=0 TARGET=NEHALEM. The library used in the makefile of hpl is libgoto.a. However, the two different ways of compiling GotoBlas all leads to a low efficiency of HPL results: only 150GFlops(the theorical peak is 330 GFlops). Do I have some mistakes in compiling GotoBlas? Thanks for your answer.

License File related issue


Thank you so much for, I have received the licence file you sent me to my mail as per my request. As I am new to this field I don't know how to open the .lic package you sent me. I dint find much details regarding this in the release notes. Moreover I would like to know where I should copy the the .lic file in order to set the path in the terminal while trying to do activation of the software.


MIC obj file compilation with .cpp file

I have a "C" file will all function that will run in MIC platform. Hence I have added __declspec( target (mic)) for all the function in both declaration spmv_csr.h file and definition in spmv_csr.c file. I invoke this functions defined in spmv_csr.c from  inside a #pragma offload target(mic) in main.cpp file. I compile both the spmv_csr.c and main.cpp files seperately. I am not getting any error while compiling spmv_csr.c. But I am getting the following errors while compiling main.cpp.

error LNK1104: libmmt.lib

h files and *.lib file from another developer.
I have built a C++/CLI project and I want to create a C# wrapper for two functions

I'm getting this error

    error LNK1104: cannot open file 'libmmt.lib'    

I understand the he is using Intel Compiler and I know he uses IPP functions.<Br>
from here:<br>

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