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Cómo publicar en Google Play aplicaciones para dispositivos Android basados en x86 con soporte para múltiples APK

Google Play ha agregado compatibilidad con múltiples APK para la arquitectura de CPU x86. Esta funcionalidad le permite publicar diferentes APK para su aplicación, cada uno dirigido a la arquitectura de CPU x86. El APK es una versión completa e independiente de su aplicación, pero comparte el mismo listado en Google Play y debe tener el mismo nombre de paquete y estar firmado con la misma clave de versión. Esto es muy útil para los casos en que su aplicación no pueda funcionar en todos los dispositivos con un único APK, como es el caso de aplicaciones desarrolladas con el NDK para Android.

Developing / Debugging Android apps on the Dell Venue 8-7000

I just got my hands on a the Venue 8-7000 and I was a little surprised to discover there weren't any development drivers available for Windows 8.x.

After some digging/experimenting I managed to get it working.  It required getting the hardware IDs via the device manager and manually adding the fields to the Google USB Drivers.

Full write-up is on my blog here: 

HaxLogs.txt in root directory


I couldn't find a way to install the HAXM Intel Emulator Accelerator on Windows 7 (86x64) with the log files properly contained in a user directory. For example, there is a HaxLogs.txt file in the root directory!

Since it's quite messy, could you please let me know how to fix this?

Latest version I tried was 5.2.



如何借助多 APK 支持在面向 x86 安卓设备的 Google Play 上发布应用

Google Play has  新增面向 x86 CPU 架构的多 APK 支持。该  特性支持您针对定位于 x86 CPU 架构的应用发布不同的 APK。APK 是一套完整且独立的应用版本,它使用与 Google Play 上相同的应用列表,而且必须使用相同的软件包名称并使用相同的 release key 进行签名。当您的应用无法通过一个 APK 覆盖所有目标设备时,例如使用 Androind NDK 开发的应用,该特性将十分有用。您可以访问  Google 多 APK 支持页面(安卓开发人员站点),了解完整信息。

下面的会话专门针对希望对应用进行打包以便支持安卓 x86 设备的安卓开发人员而创建:

创建多 APK

Integrating ICC compiled Static library into native part of the Android App.


I have an android app. The app is basic in its functioning . 

I decided to add native code to this app. So I put a square function ( C code ) inside jni folder and compiled it . This shared library I used in the android app  and it works ok. 

I was given a statically ICC  compiled library that does something similar and asked to use it also .

Then  with Intel INDE installed already I decided to use the ICC for compiling the ndk part . So I followed the following link.

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