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Composer XE 2013 SP1 Update2 is very slower


I updated the Intel Fortran Compiler to SP1 update 2 (SP1.2.176) recently. I tried to compile my code using this new update. Compared with the previous compiler (XE 2013 Update 5  - 2013.5.198), it was found that the new update took about two time longer to compile the same code and generated the executable which is also about two times larger than the executable generated by using the previous version. The executable also runs slightly slower than before. Any idea or any settings I should change to use the new compiler?


Intel® Developer Zone at Microsoft //Build/ 2014

Software developers by the thousands visited the Intel Software booth at the sold-out Microsoft Build conference April 2 – 4 in San Francisco’s Moscone Center. They were able to learn about how the Intel® Developer Zone provides world-class  knowledge, tools and support for Windows 8 cross platform apps.

Standing room only at the Intel booth....

Numerical differences between v11.1 and v13.0


We're just trying to upgrade our Intel Composer installation from 2011 to 2013, but we are finding that although most results are unchanged, a few change a bit, and some quite a lot.

I've read through the release notes, and what I understood would not explain these differences (we have no multi-threading or classes - polymorphic or otherwise).


Are there any difference between the Intel Fortran compiler v13.0 and its immediate predecessor v11.0 in the following areas:

Multiline support in the result of a Preprocess Definition

I have a program that has the following fixed formatted code appearing in most of the subroutines.

     + ['ABS','EXP','LOG','L10','NEG','SQRT'] 

Since this keyword list is likely to grow over time, I would like to use a macro at the beginning of the source file to have the keyword list be located in one spot and be replicated in the code (this is a shorten version).

Issues after removing intel parallel studio


Visual Studio 2008 was building my fortran project fine until I removed the intell parallel studio from the control panel. Now it gives me a microsoft development evnironment message saying "Configurtaion Debug|Win32 requires compiler support for the Win32 platform but not installed. What has gone wrong here?




Fortran ==> C Interporability , and C Strutures

Hello everybody,

I have a problem when there are severals structures (and depandancy ???)

Consider this example :


# include <stdio .h>

# include <stdlib .h>

# include <string .h>

# include <math .h>

typedef struct


int i, j;

} Pair ;

Guide to Profile-guided Optimization of Computational Fluid Dynamics with Intel® Compiler

     Intel® C++ Compiler has supported Profile-guided Optimization (PGO) for a long history, PGO improves application performance by reorganizing code layout to reduce instruction-cache problems, shrinking code size, and reducing branch mispredictions. PGO provides information to the compiler about areas of an application that are most frequently executed. By knowing these areas, the compiler is able to be more selective and specific in optimizing the application.

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    calling the subroutine expecting multi-dimension array with the address of one-dimension array


        I write a subroutine setrx and setix expecting a multi-dimensional array.
    When they are called in main code, an address of a location in a one dimensional array
    can be passed to them.  It works well.

       But After I put the setrx and setix in a interface, calling the setx with the address
    of one-dimension array will lead compile errors.

      I  need the help. Thanks in advance.

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