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Need compiler switch to set variables to 4-bytes in 64-bit build

I have some mixed C/Fortran code in VS2010.  I get different results from the 32-bit and 64-bit builds of the code.  To see if it is a precision problem, I would like to compile the 64-bit  build with a switch that forces the real and integer variables to be single precision (4-bytes).  Are there switches for the C and Fortran compilers to do this?  Please let me know.  Thank you.

fpconstant issue

I always use /fpconstant to save having to append d0 to all my constants.  As far I was aware this has always worked.  But now it works for one constant but not another.

      program ww
      implicit none
      real*8 :: KTOFShift      = -459.67
      real*8 :: KTOFFact       = 1.8
      write(6,*) KTOFShift
      write(6,*) KTOFFact


ifort  ww.f90

ifort  ww.f90 /fpconstant

What to buy

My company just purchased me a new PC.  It's Windows 7, 64-bit.  My old PC was Windows XP and I had Compaq Visual Fortran 6.6 with F90SQL and MS Visual Studio 2005.  I installed MS VS 2012 but cannot install Compaq VS 6.6.  My applications that I build will be used by fellow employees.  What product do I purchase so that my Fortran and F90SQL routines work?


Older Version of Intel Fortran Compiler



I installed Intel Parallel Studio XE 2013 SP1 initial release, by downloading older version from the additional downloading section as suggested by you. However, I cannot see the command prompt to copy the target and link it to Abaqus software. Please refer to following link. this is what I want to do. I am able to see it with 2015 latest version but not the one mentioned. Please suggest! I am spending time over it but I am not able to solve the issue!


OpenMP scheduling overhead and analysis

Hi, all

I was programming with OpenMP,  and some points are not clear to me. 

1) Does OpenMP of Intel has better performance than the GCC version? If it is true, how much benefit can Intel version gets?

2) will  OpenMP compiler and runtime introduce barrier or memory fence operations? How to measure the overhead of these operations.

3) Does the overhead of scheduling in OpenMP increases with the increasing of thread number? Are there some methods to measure the overhead? (Either intel or GCC version is ok.)

Redistributable merge module (.msm) file for 11.1.065 version of redistributable libraries?

Is a redistributable merge module (.msm) file available for the Intel Visual Fortran Compiler for Windows 11.1.065 update 6  Redistributable library package for IA32?


(I only seem to be able to find the zip archive: on the Redistributable libraries for the Intel® C++ and Visual Fortran Compiler 11.1 for Windows page of links.)




Console app in debug : module built without symbols


I am trying to built a console app in debug config. The exe is triggering a breakpoint and I get the message saying that the module libifcoremdd.dll was built without symbols

'ifort.exe' (Win32): Loaded '\\hqfs2\pengen\2013\UVS\Version\V1\ifort\Debug\ifort.exe'. Symbols loaded.

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