Deferred Rendering for OpenGL* ES3.0 on Android*

This article outlines how you can efficiently implement rendering techniques on mobile devices using OpenGL* ES such as: forward rendering, deferred lighting (light pre-pass) and deferred shading.
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    Analyzing OpenGL* games with Intel® GPA

    Intel® GPA is a great tool for real-time and offline game analysis. It supports DirectX* on Windows* and OpenGL* ES on Android* today, so there's no direct support for OpenGL. What can you do if your game uses OpenGL? There is hope. We'll look at what you can learn with Intel GPA today.

    Normally when you connect Intel GPA System Analyzer you can either launch your game (Android) or see your running game listed (Windows). With an OpenGL game on Windows, nothing shows up.

    S’abonner à OpenGL*